10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, Day 1&2

My husband and I decided to do the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse together.  This should be interesting, I thought to myself as I watched him for a whole week before we got started, eating almost everything insight.

My husband, including myself, love to eat.  He came from a family that didn’t mind starting up the posts and the frying pans to cook hearty meals anytime, especially at night.  In other words, the kitchen was never closed to anyone.  So, he has a habit of eating, to what seems like to me, around the clock.

Myself, I love to eat as well.  But, I try so hard to not go overboard.  You see, along with my genetic structure, I have a tendency to blow up and become obese if I don’t watch what I eat and the amount.  Which is why, I try to break my habit of eating even when I’m not full.

And it’s bad when your spouse is a chef.  My husband can cook fantastic meals and gourmet cakes, along with other things that are so delicious.  It makes you want to slap somebody!  Ha, just kidding.  But they are tasty, which makes you want to savor every bit.  He always wants to experiment to perfect his craft.  And I’m, the taster.  Yes, this could be bad and difficult to break.

Before we started, I prayed, asking God to regulate our minds and give us the strength to do this cleanse.  I knew that this would be difficult for us, but I felt from deep down in my gut that this is exactly what we needed.

So excited and filled with enthusiasm after I received my book, the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by the bestselling author, JJ Smith, I’ve decided to go to the grocery store that evening.  I got all of my ingredients for the first five days, including fruits and nuts to snack on.  I also went to the health store to get other things to be successful with the cleanse.

That night, for our very last meal, we had a slice of pizza with broccoli, tomato, and cheese with no sauce.  OMG!!!! Disgusting!  We also had a turkey sub with sour cream chips.  My favorite!  As usual, my husband brought me a piece of yellow cake with chocolate icing, which I didn’t eat because I felt so guilty, eating that nasty pizza.

The next day, day one was like trying to walk barefooted through an area full of bushes and thorns without any equipment.  My stomach was bubbling and cramping due to the colon cleanser I took the night before and the water, detox tea and my smoothie I drank that morning, as recommended.  My husband on the other hand-, this was a struggle for him, drinking the smoothie three times a day with different greens along with fruits, flaxseed and protein powder.  This made him some what depressed.  Even though they didn’t taste bad, he would rather have something else.

While he was out running errands, something made him quite angry.  “I was right in Royal Farms trying to get money out.  Stupid machine!  I could have bought a wing and one of those fat juicy chicken breast, which looked so good,” he said as if he was savoring the taste and smell, while sitting at the kitchen table.  I could have took my time walking home while eating them and you wouldn’t have ever known.”  He shook his head with a pitiful look on his face as he wished to have them in front of him.

I laughed.  I couldn’t help it!  He looked so sad and helpless.  I walked toward him and gave him a hug.  “I’m proud of you honey.”

We snacked on grapes, carrots and a handful of nuts before our next smoothie, which I prepared.  I heard my husband saying, “Lord have mercy!  This will make you depressed.  I’m going to bed and going to sleep so I won’t think about food.”

I tried so hard not to laugh again.  I knew he was serious.  But I have to admit, he was right.  Everything I prepared for our toddler, from the bowel of cereal he that he ate often to the sandwich he had for lunch, looked so appealing!

My husband said that his turkey and cheese sandwich, which I came close to eating, looked like it had lettuce, tomato and bacon on it.  He’s hallucinating, I thought to myself.  I laughed so hard, that tears rolled down my eyes as if I were crying.

That night after eating a garden salad, I found myself thinking about a delicious fat lunchmeat sandwich with mayonnaise, mustard, tomato, lettuce, salt, pepper and two slices of cheese.  Then I thought about frying me some chicken to eat.  I shook my head in disgust.  “I’m going to sleep!” I announced feeling frustrated.

“Why sweetheart?  Are you thinking about having a sandwich?” he said teasing me with a grin on his face.

“Yes!” I snapped, knowing that my craving was getting worse by the minute.  I felt that I was being tortured.

Day 2

Day two of the green smoothie cleanse wasn’t better.  In our minds, we wanted to quit.  We yearned for the taste of real food again that will awake our taste buds again and satisfy our stomachs and our minds emotionally.

I got up that morning after showering and went downstairs with my husband following behind me into the kitchen.  He sat down at the table and watched me make our smoothie for breakfast.

“I think this JJ Smith is trying to kill me,” my husband said as he watched the greens go into the blender.  “This is some trick she got going on here.”

With my back turned, I giggled.

My 15 year old frowned as he saw all the ingredients  go into the blender.  “That looks so nasty!  I know that you’re trying to loose weight, but you’re going over board,” he said still frowning.

I shot him a look.

Am I though?  Am I going too far with trying to loose this unwanted weight?  My doctor put me on a Mediterranean diet.  I did good for awhile, but I fell back into my bad habits; eating bags of chips and big bowls of French fries sopping in ranch dressing, which I love.  Plus tasting or eating tasty treats now and then.

I don’t want to be on a diet!  But this here we’re doing isn’t a diet.  It’s suppose to clean or get rid of the toxins in the body and retrain the taste buds from eating fried fatty foods and sweets.  So, we’ll see!

My husband who can feel the effects from the detoxification, just sat there looking at the liquefied greens among other things inside the blender a he murmured to himself, “Not again!”  His expression says it all and told the story.

Thirty minutes to an hour later, we felt hungry.  My husband grabbed a small bag of baby carrots and put some nuts and seedless grapes inside.  Me, I had my usual; greens grapes and a handful of nuts with water.  Sounds exciting huh!

I think that day two was worse than day one.  My husband walked toward the window and stood in the middle of our bedroom floor as he said while standing tall and broad shouldered, “I’m thinking about all them potatoes, bags of rice and cans of corn we have!  His face lit up like the sun.  “We can fry up some pork chops and cook some rice.  Now, that’s a good breakfast!” He smiled as he got dressed.

Giving him a stern look, I said, “I don’t think so!”  I was trying so hard not to give in.  But I had to admit, it didn’t sound bad.  “If I can’t eat, then you can’t either.”

I looked at the loaf of bread on top of the refrigerator.  It looked so good, I wanted to take a slice.  And the chicken nuggets on my son’s blue plate looked so crispy and golden brown and smelled so wonderful!  My mouth watered and my taste buds cried out for a taste.  I almost grabbed one off his plate when he walked away.  “No you can’t,” I told myself.

It’s a shame that once you stop yourself from eating certain foods that you’re use to eating everyday, they start to look deliciously good.  My husband said that even the things we don’t eat look good, like the birds fluttering around in the backyard.

“And the squirrels,” I added, reaching for my snack before I have my garden salad for my dinner, which he prepared for us.

I’ve decide to retire for bed now, so I won’t give into my temptation.  The power of the mind.  Jesus I need thee oh I need thee right now.  Give me the strength dear Lord Jesus to endure.  Take me through these 10 days of not eating what I want.  Oh Lord I’m calling on you!

What Kind Of Love Is This

Love.  Love feels good.  It can feel good to anybody who has a heart.  Love is an action word.  But when someone says it and acts upon it, oh my!  Now that’s heaven!

One day I thought about the word love.  I know that there are three kinds of love.  But when love is being sought, who in the world thinks about what kind of love they want?  I know I didn’t!  I just wanted to feel loved and cared for; someone to call my own; to say “yeah he loves me” smiling and grinning from ear to ear.

Eros love, desire; longing; erotic or sexual; physical attraction.  Don’t sound bad or does it?  Hmmm….  So, will I be loved according to my physical attractiveness or by my ability to erotically entice?  But in time, what if my physical appearance changes?  Which it will!  And what if I’m not able to please or perform like I did in the beginning when I willingly gave that part of me away?  That would be a problem!  This kind of love doesn’t last.  This is for people that aren’t looking for a true love/ relationship.

Philos love is an earthly love; a bond with close friends, brothers and sisters.  It’s filled with limitations and conditions, which can be broken.  I’ll love you if……  I love you because……  This can be stressful and filled with grief.  To some, this could be good.  Giving them the choice to bond and love whoever they see fit, but with stipulations.  This is grief as well!  Not good for me.

Agape love, hmmmm…..  Isn’t this the love that God wants us to have?  An everlasting, consistent love in spite of.  I’ll love you with all of your flaws and mistakes.  How about this, I’ll love you even though you hate me, treat me wrong or call me out of my name.  Wow!   Now that’s hard to do but so easy to say.  But it can be done because Jesus did it.  I’ll love you with the love-of-Christ.  This is true love!

On Facebook, Oprah’s Network posted a recent show of Oprah Winfrey asking several people to fill in the blank (I believe) after saying, “Love is….”  I listened carefully to their response.

One man told Oprah that love is his wife.  That’s what he thinks of when he thinks of love.  I can see that-.  He probably sees the spirit of love inside of her and in everything she does, which is a beautiful thing.  Another told Oprah that it’s mostly felt when it’s an action word.  And another told her that it’s a great answer to everything.  I can see that when love is put to action, it can change people, places and things.  As they say, “Action speaks louder than words!”  I heard some say that love was family, the most powerful energy of the universe, love is everywhere, love is kindness, marriage and yoga.

Then, I scrolled down and read some of the comments, not all.  I didn’t start from the beginning due to the fact that there were so many.  It would have taken me all day.  But from what I saw, most people commented that God was love.  I can agree to that! God gave his only begotten son to die for, not just some, but for all of our sins and for all mankind.  Now that’s the greatest love story of all!

As we all know, February is the month of love.  I guess it was set aside to show love to that special someone in your life.  Who knows!  Various TV commercials, stores, books and magazines advertise Valentines Day by promoting cards, flowers, chocolates, strawberries, balloons, jewelry etc., to give a spouse, mate or that special someone.  Millions of dollars are spent on that “perfect” gift that will say those three simple but elusive words, “I Love You.”  But why not say it more often or even every day?  Why wait for Valentines Day to say it?

I have no problem with those that make this day a big deal.  I like Valentines Day too; to be surprised by a gift or two.  Especially with something I want; or to be swept off my feet by a romantic candle light dinner or some other loving gesture.  This does happened to me.  Thank God!  But I don’t have to wait until Valentines Day to get this or to give this to my husband.  I tell my husband every day and every night before I go to bed that I love him.  I kiss him and show my love for him.

I believe that Valentines Day is not only just for lovers but for everyone.  Even for those you don’t care about.  Do something different on this month of love.  Show a different kind of love.  Not Eros, or Philos love, but some Agape love.  Especially to those you don’t talk to or really care for.  Remember, love is an action word.  Jesus showed unconditional and long suffering love.  People called him names, spit in his face, put a crown of thorns on his head, pierced him in his side and lashed his body with stripes.  But his love was, and still is, the greatest love of all, that he died for all of our sins and for all of mankind.  Wow!  I can go on and on, but I’m not.

Let every day be Valentines Day, not just February 14.

New Year, New You!!!

In the beginning of January of this year, I called myself writing a blog that would encourage and motivate, in a mighty way; powerful words that would ignite a fire deep down within. Almost everyday, I had my pad and my favorite blue pen nearby, trying to add on to the thought I already had written down. I thought and I pondered for days but couldn’t come up with anything. You know what they say, if you are having difficulty adding onto a thought or a sentence, then get rid of it! And that’s exactly what I did!

Am I making a New Years resolution?  No, they can be broken, especially if set your are goals too high.

But I’m here to encourage you.  If you aren’t pleased with your situation or with yourself, with the help of God, change it!  Don’t complain if you’re not willing to put in the work to make the change.

Let this year be about change; changing the inner and the outward you, changing your environment, even the people you allow in your circle.  Travel a path you dared not traveled before. Surround yourself with positive people that will help and encourage you. Encourage and minister to yourself.

I’m reminded of a song entitled “Encourage Yourself” by Donald Lawrence. Speak positive things into and over your life no matter what it looks like. Love you and take care of you. Make your dreams, your desires, your wants and your needs come true. I think, you’ve dreamed that dream long enough. Now, step out there! Be careful for nothing!

This is what I’ve decided to do! Make this New Year be about change. With God’s help, along with a tenacious spirit, perserverance, and belief in oneself, it can be done. Happy New Year and God bless.

Stranger In Town, Invisable Life

It’s not bad out today.  Matter of fact, it’s a little warm!  Too warm for a heavy coat, scarf and gloves.  Too warm for this time of year, which I don’t mind.  I’m not complaining.  I’m rather grateful!  Even though it’s in the middle of fall, I just wish that every day was like this.

The sun is shining.  I sat on the wooden bench after I left my sleeping quarters.  With my eyes closed I raised my head up to the sky, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face.  Lately, it’s been very cold out here.  Everybody, including myself, wanted to take advantage of this beautiful day.

While I sat here on this bench with my eyes closed, I heard my stomach growling as I felt it rumbling.  Stunned, I widely  opened my hooded eyes as I suddenly realized someone….. a slender blonde haired woman was sitting beside me.  She was dressed fairly nice, I thought, with her brown and beige coach bag on her lap.  An attractive lady she was.

My stomach- it growls all the time.  At times, it growls so loud that sometimes I have to check my space, hoping no one in proximity heard what I just heard.  This was one of those times.

The woman looked at me, her legs crossed at the ankles, hugging her bag tightly with a half way smile, acknowledging that she heard my growling stomach.

Wishing I could go through the bench and into the ground, I looked at her and returned the smile.  “Oh!” I said as I rubbed my stomach, trying to play it off.  I could feel my cheeks burning.  I felt embarrassed.  “My wife would love your shoes!” I lied.  Where did you get them?” I asked as I tried to switch her attention from my noisy stomach onto her brown stilettoes that complimented her outfit.

“Oh, I got them at Bergdorf’s,” she answered as she smiled and batted her eyelashes.  She went on telling me how she just loved her new stilettoes and how much she paid for them.

It worked, I thought to myself.

A wife?  Huh, I wish!  I’m in no position for a meaningful relationship.

I smile at her, as I felt ashamed of my appearance, sitting next to a clean well dressed woman.

In the middle of her sentence, I quickly got up and said, “Well, you enjoy this beautiful day.  You have a good day Miss.”  I moved my bottom to the edge of the bench, stood up quickly and walked away.  I just wanted to leave, to get away from her.  It’s not that she was unpleasant or ignorant….. She seemed decent and talkative.  It was me, I-  was uncomfortable.

“You too,” she said loud enough so I can hear her as I walked away.

I tried so hard not to act like what I am or look like what I am.  But sometimes circumstances prevents me from looking, feeling, even smelling my best.

I could feel her baby blue eyes gazing at me as I tried to walk upright, ignoring the sharp pains in my stomach as to notify me of the nutrients I was lacking and the fuel I needed to be satisfied.

Heading back to my sleeping quarters, I grabbed my belongings which consist of a heavy blue feathery (well not anymore due to too many holes) coat and black backpack with my toiletries and books packed tightly inside.

As I walk, my stomach- it feels like several knots constantly forming inside.

I feel like a nomad, roaming; going from place to place, trying to find a secure comfortable spot or better yet, a permanent place to stay just until……

It’s not so bad out here during the spring and some days during the summer months until….it rains or the humidity is up.  Those days when the heat is unbearable.

During the winter, well, who likes being outside in the cold- bitter cold?  Trying to keep warm is a chore….a struggle!  I try to seek cover from bad weather.  I know I can’t go just anywhere.  They won’t have me no matter what the weather is outside.  The library will!  Until closing, which is at 5:00pm, when the sun goes down.  Unfortunately, the temperature goes down too!  The police station- hmmmm, maybe not.  It all depends.  Walmart, that’s a guarantee!  Yes, Walmart lobby!

I sh- sh- shiver all over.  My fingers are numb.  They are stiff like a board.  I feel like I’m in a freezer and my blood has turned to ice.  My coat, it does what it can, considering-.  The wind just blows right through everything I have on, piercing me like a knife.  There is no protection against “old man winter” except…..shelter

Out here, it’s a hard life everyday.  Nights and weekends are especially hard. Because I don’t have money or clothes.  I have to depend on the generosity of people.  Whether they do or don’t…. And when they don’t, I have no choice but to do without.

I’ve seen a lot of death out here due to bad weather.  I pray everyday that God will keep me.  To awaken each day staring at the sky, whether it’s bright, blue or cloudy and grey, is a blessing.  Out here, I might not make it through the night!  As if the misery of finding cover from the elements isn’t challenging enough, now I have to cover myself from the gaze of certain people in society.  A society some people feel folks like us don’t belong in.

Ok, that’s their right to feel that way, but to seek us out and harm or even kill us as we sleep!  Oh God, that’s scary!  It’s mostly bored teens looking for thrills.  They just don’t understand- a few layoffs, coupled with bad choices and just the issues of life.  They could find themselves in this same place….like me.  Hopefully not.  But don’t get me wrong, I don’t want pity. Handouts are fine, but a hand-up would be even better.  I do what I can to survive out here.

Still, I believe I have a future, and it looks a lot brighter that this.  I keep looking to the hills from whence cometh my help.  I know my help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

Anyway, I’m still here.  For me, that’s a start.

The Little Things, Simple Pleasures

From where he stood in my living room, he spotted a squirrel scurrying around in the back yard.  All I could hear was his little bare feet hitting the kitchen floor, with glee in his eyes as he rushed to the sliding door, watching the squirrel darting in and out of sight behind the central- air unit as if he were playing hide-n-seek with the child.

“Ooo!” my 2 year old said has he went on babbling about the squirrel.

All of a sudden, a smile appeared on his face a he watched a small wide breasted gray and brown bird perch on top of the fence above my trash can.

I sat there on the heavy wooden cushioned chair in the kitchen watching how excited he got.  His excitement made me want to examine the bird more closely.  I thought the bird looked rather adorable as it sat there so peacefully gazing the scape without a care in the world.  There wasn’t a thought of how he was going to eat or where he was going to sleep.  He was comfortable.  He was content.  To me, that was amazing!

The next day, my husband and I decided to take our little toddler on a nature walk around town, just to let him see the changing and the falling of the leaves.  He babbled as he picked up some acorns, sticks and leaves from the ground to show us how amazing they were. He continued to babble until he saw, what seems to be, a family of squirrels scurrying around the front yard of an office building and under a big bush. Close by there were some ducks waddling.  He ran ahead of us with a purpose in mind to catch one.  He couldn’t understand why they were running away.  But instead of crying, he was happy and satisfied!

It’s a delight to see him get so happy when giving him  a cookie, cracker, even a banana.   I can understand a cookie because it’s sweet and taste like candy, ice cream and the list goes on.  But a cracker or a banana!  He holds it in hand, showing us what he has.  Next, a big smile appears on his precious little face as he prepares himself to do his object dance.  All we can do is laugh!

From birth, I have paid close attention to my toddler, amazed that it doesn’t take much to make him happy or I don’t have to give him something big to make him smile (not that he knows the difference).  Not only him but it’s every child I have came across.

Just like the birds and the squirrels, kids live their lives without any worries or concerns, especially if they’re in a good environment.

Let me ask you this, have you ever smiled at or hugged a child?  What happened?  Did they smiled back after that hug?  Did their attitude change with a spark in their eyes?

After we reach adulthood, we tend to miss the simple things in life, along with other things.  Is it simply part of the human condition, or due to those issues of life, that we become so careless; indifferent?

Us adults get so involved with the affairs of this life; relationships, work, family, personal problems and even demons, we battle or face from within, that we won’t even crack a smile nor say hello in passing.  The beauty in things, we don’t have time to notice.  Trying to see the good in people, we just don’t have time.  We have forgotten how to appreciate the simple pleasures of life.  We don’t want to be grateful for the little things anymore.

We have a lot to be grateful for.  I know I do!.. It take more muscles to frown than it does to smile.  So loosen up.  Relax a little, or all the way.  But most importantly, open your eyes, look for beauty in something or someone!, be grateful.  Not just for the big things that comes your way but for the little things in your life.  Believe it or not, God has us and this entire world in the palm of his hands.

Be grateful!  I’m just saying.

A Place in My Heart

I can remember feeling the sand between my little toes.  Sometimes the sand in front of my grandparent’s house would be so hot from baking in the sun that it was unbearable to stand on without shoes.  I love to go outside barefooted; playing, jumping around, and burying my feet in the sand.  I would even take off my shoes to run when competing with other in the street when it wasn’t too hot.  To me, it was freedom!

And how about the stacks of cinderblocks that sat near the little ditch adjacent to the road in front of the chicken coop, prominently displayed in my grandparent’s front yard!  To a dream-weaving, bright eyed seven year-old, they were high enough to reach the sky.  Imagining that if I just spread my arms and jump off, that I would fly like a bird or if I sing out loud, from the top of my lungs, that the whole world would hear me.

Oh and how I loved the weather!  During the spring and summer, which are my favorite seasons,  Although I couldn’t exactly verbalize it at the time, I know somewhere in me I was thinking….” It just doesn’t get any better than this ” Even during the fall and winter, the weather wasn’t bad (cool enough in the morning for a jacket and warm in the afternoon).  Boy, how times have changed!  Freezing temperatures and actual inches of snow in the south nowadays.  Who would have ever thought!  Oh well, such is life.  I remember waking up in the morning at my grandparents house and seeing light snow coating the ground and everything that stood in it’s way.  I was delighted and equally disappointed when it melted before days end.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen snow before, plenty of snow.  Enough to build a huge snowman and have snowballs fights the entire day, you get my point.  I lived in Pennsylvania, which was my permanent home.

I gazed at the beautiful icicle hanging from the porch.  Some were thicker and bigger than others.  They looked so tempting, and too hard to resist.  I reached for one and began to slurp and crunch on several.  Ummm… they were so good!  Feeling of that coolness in my warm little mouth.  I ate so much that I felt a pain in my stomach.  I rushed in the house and into the bathroom, hovering over the toilet bowel.  Well, you know how that ended.

The summertime meant outside play; softball, kickball, family cookouts, hiking adventures with my cousin and my baby brother walking in the woods across the street from my grandparent’s house and near my cousin’s house in Milledgeville, with gallons of cold water jugs.  In Sparta, we walked in the woods and come out near the high school.  Then we walked all over the neighborhood.  We would stop at a cousin’s or a friend’s house to jump on their trampoline.

Those were the days.  The good days!  As a child, ever since I left, I had Sparta Georgia on my mind.  The state, and my grandparent’s house, holds a lot of memories.  Memories that I can’t forget.  Best are the memories from my childhood.

The weather, the food, family, our family get together a at anytime, especially on the holiday!  The layout and the smell of the house, the love and laughter of family is something I can’t forget.  Those memories will always be there, a place in my heart.

Sunshine and Soapsuds

Ugh!!!! I’m so exhausted from working a ten hour shift.  All I want to do is go home, take off theses scrubs, kick off my shoes and relax with my feet propped up on the sofa with a bottle of liquor at my side.  Even though I don’t drink, it sounds good.  I wish!

I slid the silver key into the hole and turned the knob to open the door to my three floor, two bedroom with a loft townhouse.  I stepped inside, shutting the door behind me and looked around the room and up the stairs that led to the second floor.  Kicking off my shoes, I entered my living room and gazed around the room, feeling annoyed and disgusted at the mess my children  and I created last night and this morning.

Toys scattered all over the floor, leading into the kitchen (which I could have made my little munchkins pick up) and pieces of cut to shredded paper, in all sizes, dragged from the kitchen floor into the living room carpet.  The cushions to the tan and white sofa were in disarray, and the decorative pillows where everywhere.

I knew the kitchen was a mess.  Dishes from  last night piled in the sink.  The countertops were coated with some kind of sticky substance and crumbs.  Did I mention the stove, which had water spills and spots of dried food from last night’s dinner, Oh my house was a mess!

I was just too frazzled and tired to clean this place.  I’m a single mother of two kindergarteners and one elementary.  See, I worked the morning shift from 7am-5pm as a CNA at a nursing home.  My job can be tiresome due to the fact of almost always being short staffed, obviously doubling the work load.  Every hour I’m at work, I’m functioning under the proverbial notion: So much to do, So little time.  Not to mentioned if there is an admission or an emergency in the mist of chaos!

No time to drag my feet; to complain (even though I wanted to) or get away and hide.  Everything needed to be done, must be done, according to schedule, Understandably!

By the time my shift is over, especially after being short staffed, I am ready to go home while others may hit the bar to have a cocktail or two, like a Tequila.  I want a Tequila.  A Tequila!  What do I know about a Tequila?  I’ve never drank a day in my life.  I tried once but didn’t like the taste.  But you know what they say, stress or a job can drive a person to drink.

Don’t get me wrong, the best part of my job is that I have the privilege of aiding the sick and the geriatric and watching them smile.  Somehow, that makes it all worth it!

Once more, I gazed at my living room in disgust. My children are gone.  And they won’t be home for at least an hour.  So, I have time to get this place in tip top shape!  Now this is one of those days where I just wish I was like the genie in the TV show called, I Dream of Genie or Samantha in Bewitched.  With just a wave of a finger or the twitching of my nose, every room in the house is clean.

“Well, the house isn’t going to clean itself,” I told myself.  “So, stop staring and get busy!”  I began to pick up the toys and what seems like a million pieces of paper off the floor, as I wish deep down within that I had a maid.  I straightened and fluffed the pillows to the sofa, loaded and started the dishwasher, swept the kitchen floor and vacuumed every room in the house.  I also made everyone’s bed.

By the time my children came home, I was exhausted!  My boys hugged and kissed me as they showed me their homework and talked about their day at school.

“Mommy I’m hungry!” my youngest said.

“Yeah, me too!” the other two said.

It was then, that I decided to make this a pizza night.  I called Pizza Hut and ordered two large cheese pizzas  We talked, laughed and played while we waited for the our dinner to arrive.  It was at that moment that I realized with all the chaos, the mess, my job, my children and my Savior, my life is good.  It could be worse, but it’s good.

I remember the day. Lord I pray, that I have a life that’s good!